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MiZPAH 250 Penlight AAA Flashlight

4.60 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
(10 customer reviews)

The Mizpah 250 is a two-AAA battery penlight that delivers an amazing 250 lumens. This sleek, compact light offers four brightness levels, plus strobe, and is operated through its tail switch. Smart Memory mode feature remembers the last mode that was used. This light features Factor’s Smart Memory mode, which remembers the last mode that was activated, and turns on in this mode the next time it’s used. The Mizpah 250’s efficient EDC design includes a smooth finish for easy transition in and out of pockets. It’s dual-directional clip attaches the light to hats or for secure pocket storage. To engage the lockout mode, turn the flashlight head a quarter turn to prevent unintentional use.


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Performance: Maximum output of 250 lumens, maximum runtime of 5 hours, Four modes of output, plus Strobe
Size: Length: 5” Head: 0.57” Diameter: 0.55”
Weight: 0.9 oz. (24.2g) excluding batteries
Battery: Two AAA batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH) *Do not use a 10440 Li-ion battery
Includes: Mizpah 250 flashlight, two AAA batteries, user manual, coated steel pocket clip, and two spare o-rings


  • Utilizes high performance CREE XP-G2 LED with a life of 50,000 hours
  • Glass Lens with double-sided anti-reflective coating
  • Body is corrosion resistant, military-grade, CNC machined, aircraft-quality Type III hard anodized aluminum alloy
  • Removable coated steel pocket clip
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 standard, 2 meters for 30 minutes
  • Aluminum tail-switch operation; turns light on/off and switches modes
  • Recall memory function allows the light to turn on in the last mode used
  • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
RUNTIME 5h2h56min51min
DISTANCE 190ft. (58m)
INTENSITY 840cd (Max)
WATERPROOF IPX-8, underwater 2m
User Manual
Reviews 10

10 reviews for MiZPAH 250 Penlight

  1. Blake Baldwin

    I bought my Mizpah 250 around 5 years ago at the NRA show that came to Nashville. I love this light . It still works great and I need to buy a few more Flashlights .

  2. N.G.

    Purchased the Mizpah 130 and 2 Mizpah 160’s. All work exactly as described and work well. Will they hold up to daily use for years? I have no reason to think that they won’t, and that is the real criteria. I’ve have great success finding durable flashlights and that witll be the gold-standard for me. This little 130 resides in the outer corner of my right front pocket, unless I have it attached to a cap.
    I like that these lights turn on to exactly the level they were last on, rather than having to cycle down from high to whatever. I customarily keep this little light on the lowest of the power levels, which makes for a long lasting battery life and 6 lumens is bright enough to get about in the dark without attracting a lot of attention.
    On a night hike, I only want enough light to see my way about without being visible from far off.
    I prefer a balanced natural color light, The color tone of the Mizpah’s are perfect for my eyes.
    (I also have blaring white light flashlights and they work well for their intended purpose).
    Colors on the ground, grass and dirt and gravel pop out clearly making a nightly stroll with a dog easy in the darkness. Rattlers, Copperheads, Corals, and Moccasin’s are all my neighbors, so having a light that displays color well is very important for me. Because of these reptiles , I must have a good light come dark. Pay a visit to the all night emergency vet clinic or human ER in our town and the chance of seeing at least one snake-bitten animal or person is near hundred percent.
    After using these 3 for some months now, I should have doubled my order. I now have my eyes on a couple more Mispah 130’s as well as several other models including the Ghost 130 for my kids as I insist that whenever they fly, which is often, they have a flashlight charged and functional on their person. And having one on their key chain, works for me.
    I also want more powerful lights than either the 130 or the 160 yet in the same form factor; so a couple of Cossatot’s and Mizpah 250’s should round out the small “to get flashlight list” that I have.
    Why the 250 instead of the 300? The 250’s bi-directional clip is the same as on the Mizpah 130 and the deciding factor between those two.
    SPOILER-ALERT!! DO NOT use Li-ion in these or any flashlight UNLESS it specifies them as OK as the 160 does.
    I wanted to find out if li-ons were universally ok to use in lights even if not mentioned so Itried doing so in a baseball bat sized light and it took about one minute to fry that light and turn it iinto junk to be recycled.
    Bottom line: These lights are great and I highly recomment them and what I have said here can be found on my own blog as well

    • Jeremy (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for the feedback and stay safe.

  3. Robert G Poole Jr

    My follow up review for six months is still very, very positive. This Mizpah 250 is as good or better than my 50 dollar penlights. Most all the technicians here that use pen light have switched to these. I carry this light every day and use it everyday . Some one may not like the pocket clip, it can get snagged on some things but to be able to just slide it on your cap to free up a hand is great. It is very easy to squeeze the tang flat if this is a problem to you. So I give AAA+++ for this light! Thanks Mizpah (Jeremy) product works great.

    • Jeremy (verified owner)

      Thank you for the feedback. We’re glad you’re happy with the light.

  4. Robert G Poole Jr

    The clip is great idea, i work on aircraft and always need a good pen light, that clip that lets you just slide it on the bill of my cap to free up a hand is a fabulous idea. And the memory function was another top idea for always coming on the intensity i use the most. Great ideas keep them up. I just started using it so my longer term review is to come.

    • Jeremy (verified owner)

      Thank you for the feedback.

  5. jamesjbssmith (verified owner)

    Prefect, exactly what I was looking for. I was using the thrunite ti4 for a while and hated the fact that I had to cycle every time through the settings to get to the brightest one. Now I don’t have to. Just click and bam! 250 lumins. The reason I used the ti4 was because it was the brightest at 252 lumins and I refused to go to a 90 or 140. Thank you Factor for making a Penlight that makes sense. It feels well constructed and throws a perfect pattern.

  6. Jonathon

    I really liked the light. Supper bright. But I was worried about the clip design in the beginning. I received the light on Friday and carried it all weekend. The following Monday I carried it to work. The clip got caught on everything. I caught it the 1st couple of times but by the end of the day the light was gone… If you have an extremely active job like I do then this light may not work for u.

    • factor

      Sorry to hear about the issue you had with the clip. We would love to know more about why it catches on things. Also, clip is removable to the light can go deeper in pocket.

  7. Woods

    Please with this light

  8. Mason (verified owner)

    I have to start by saying I was very hesitant purchasing this flashlight. I’m very happy I did though. I have/had many different penlight style of flashlights (streamlight, thrunite, coast, some offor brands) and I have been happiest with the Mizpah 250. I keep this in the pen sleeve of my work shirt everyday (never had an accidental turn on). They could do away with the turbo and strobe and just keep the 3 regular modes. From a durability standpoint I’ve dropped it off a ladder about 15 feet up. It only put a small knick in the anodizing. Ive also dropped it a few times from 3 feet. (All drops were accidental). It has also been in water numerous times. It’s still going strong. I’d like to mention that it can eat through batteries fairly quick.

  9. Blake Baldwin

    I met you guys at the NRA SHOW, I like your product when looking at it, then as I got home really fell in love with it . I think you have a great product , I would like to even get involved in selling or reviewing your product . Thanks again for a great product . I purchased the (mizpah 2500

  10. David (verified owner)

    Top notch penlight for everyday use. Lovin’ the dual directional clip holder. The hands free use option of being able to clip it to my baseball cap is a great feature!

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