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Ghost 130 Microlight USB Rechargeable

4.87 out of 5 based on 15 customer ratings
(15 customer reviews)

We are excited to announce the upgraded version of our favorite go-to EDC light. Weighing only 0.6 ounces and smaller than the common AA battery, The Ghost 130 USB rechargeable flashlight delivers a maximum of 130 lumens on high, or six hours of maximum runtime on low. Re-tightening the head can activate these two brightness levels. For convenient anytime use, this LED light is powered by one 10180 rechargeable battery that can be recharged by a hidden Micro USB port. The Ghost 130 flashlight is made of stainless steel, impact resistant to 1 meter and waterproof to the IPX-8 standard of 2 meters. As an additional feature, this light comes with a complimentary lanyard strap to carry on your neck, which can be removed for independent use.


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RUNTIME 6h30min
DISTANCE 197ft. (60m)
INTENSITY 930cd (max)
WATERPROOF IPX-8, underwater 2m
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Reviews 15

15 reviews for Ghost 130 Microlight

  1. FalelievFC

    03 Nissan Altima

  2. wade

    I keep one on my keychain and use it often. Impressive performance for such a compact unit. Very bright even on the low setting, super bright on high. Holds a charge for a long time.

  3. Slank

    This little light of mine… I’m gonna let it shine. For real though: It’s a lifesaver.

  4. Dave (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery. Ordered on Wed., received on Fri.

  5. Denis

    It is really amazing the premium quality of this little great flashlight. Body stainless steel feels premium on hands, and I really like diamond knurling from it head.
    Price was incredible only $ 26 for this fabulous gadget. Powerful light in a tiny body, I will feel sure on nights !!

    I really liked the quick the seller sent me the package. Ahh the box and package is premium, with usb cable inside, spare rings and keychain from Factor brand.

    I am really satisfy about this buy. I wait for next little flashlight from this brand !

  6. Ryan (verified owner)

    I am one of those folks that simply can’t stand a bulky keychain, so I have never carried a light on mine…until now. This little monster is awesome. I was reluctant to purchase as a keychain light, but very glad I did. The first time I turned it on it surprised the heck out of me. Wow! this thing is bright for such a small light. It looks very nice, not too big for a keychain, bright enough to be very useful, and USB rechargable. I actually charged it the first time using the phone charge cord in my truck. I’m very particular about my gear, and can’t find anything bad to say about this light. Get one! You won’t be disappointed.

  7. Jeff Hinkle

    Got to meet Bryan and his family last weekend at the NRA show in Louisville. He and his wife showed us the new flashlight line that this family run company has come out with. I was very impressed with their whole product line and initially decided to purchase the Ghost 130 light. This little thing is an absolute powerhouse! Such a tiny package that produces a big blast of light. This product is primarily marketed as a keychain light- which it certainly fulfils that role. I have found it very handy wearing it on my ID lanyard while at work. As an airline pilot, I have found that having an accessible light already out-of-pocket when walking into a dark cockpit makes life much easier. It is small, unobtrusive and hardly noticeable while “wearing” it on my lanyard while in uniform. Doctors, nurses and other professionals that wear lanyards would also find this beneficial. This light is a high quality, well designed, durable and something I would highly recommend. Another added bonus is that is doesn’t set off the security scanners at airports!

  8. Taylor D

    I was able to visit the Factor booth this year at NRA 2016 in Louisville, KY. Let me say there product is top notch. I have been a flashlight fanatic for most of my life. No surprise I was interested in the Ghost. I must say looking at all their products I am Very impressed. The Ghost-130 is one of the most impressive units I have ever come across. It has great features and is true to spec. I will be ordering more of them as gifts this year.

    If you are interested DO NOT HESITATE! Great product by some amazing people!

  9. Justin (verified owner)

    Simply the best micro usb rechargeable flashlight on the market. I own several and some custom modified. This one blows me away as a stock unit. Tough as nails, great runtime, low recharge time. It’s near perfect.

  10. Nick (verified owner)

    Great design, quality, and performance for the size. Awesome customer service!

  11. Tom Apodaca

    I was given this as a gift, and it has to be the very best flashlight I have ever owned, big or small. It fits perfectly on my keychain and doesn’t take up any more room than another key would. What an amazing flashlight. I use to use my iPhone light but the iPhone light doesn’t even come close to this. The best thing about this is that it will go anywhere. I’m thinking about buying 6 more to tape to my phantom 3 drone and flying around at night. Nothing more I can say than amazing. Without question the best mini flashlight EVER!

  12. Joseph Aguirre (verified owner)

    Ordered a second one because my wife fell in love with my first light and kept it for her self. Each shipment was receive super fast. Excellent service from Factor Equipment.
    Pros – Powerful bright flashlight for its size. Great for a key-chain or hanging from your neck wit a small chain. Much brighter than any cell phone flashlight. Really handy and made with very high quality. Love the convenient fast USB charging. Simply one of the best stainless steel mini-flashlight. I am satisfied and recommend this cool little Pac-Man Ghost to everybody! A++
    Cons: – None – Just waiting for FE to start selling 10180 spare batteries

  13. Dazzleaj (verified owner)

    I have hundreds of flashlights with one dating back to one of the first D cell Zink carbon battery operated lights. A stunner in its day I’m sure. Just think, light without fire that you could hold it in your hand and put in your pocket!! Amazing!!

    This little Ghost 130 is just as amazing! All that light from such a tiny thing! The stainless steel body is solid and formidable (yes it is stainless, not aluminum). The design is pleasing to look at and pleasant to hold. With the included para-cord fob hanging out of a pocket it becomes a quick draw light already oriented in your hand for fast deployment. It is a powerful enough light to see into corners and boxes in low light. It throws enough light on low to easily navigate around inside a house and in the yard but I wouldn’t want to walk a dog with it. On high you have a little floodlight throwing out a nice pool of clean white light in front of you. Very usable with no intense “thrower” spot. A very good light for seeing whats going on around you. Unless you want a beam to punch a hole way out in front of you, this might be the perfect EDC for most people. Big light from a small light!! Truly amazing!

  14. Troy Deland

    10/10 and innovative. The other review is great and very detailed, so I’m not going to repeat what they said. I just wanted to say how much I love this thing. I can’t stop playing with it. It’s got a good weight and feel to it… and it’s crazy bright. Looking forward to using it in my EDC bag on a gear keeper line. I’m buying more. I love that it’s rechargeable. Great design for the hidden charging port, it’s sorcery.

  15. Doc Montana

    The Ghost 130 scores off the charts in its size-to-power ratio. Every aspect of this light from it’s glass anti-reflective lens to its beautifully machined aluminum housing, to its replaceable Li-ion battery, to its massive lumens makes the Ghost the new haunt for those who fancy exceptional lighting solutions for fun, flight or fight.

    A growing space in the world of personal lighting (flashlights) is the USB rechargeable key chain light. These are not your grandma’s keyring lights of yesterday, but powerful photon blasters that in some cases outreach even your dual-celled flashlights. Like any new tangent in lighting, there are tradeoffs. Being rechargeable, you cannot simply replace the depleted cells with over-the-counter batteries when the light dims. On the other hand, you can repower the light with a computer, cell phone charger, backup battery, solar panel, or any other creative solution that provides a five-volt DC stream of electrons into a micro USB cable.

    Runtime, whether on low or high is limited compared to larger lights. So this space of quality micro-lighting comes at a cost. However, the USB recharging puts this 21st century light into the realm of much of our other impressive 21st century technology. I don’t fault the limited runtime because the payoff is much greater. Half an hour of 130 lumens in a tiny package is a distinct advantage. At an inch and a half long, half an inch thick, and only 17 grams, it’s like having nothing more than an extra round of .45 in your pocket but more useful. In fact the Ghost 130 is brighter than some weapons mounted lights yet smaller than a .300 Blackout cartridge.

    The Ghost 130 also shines bright in it’s design. By encasing the venerable USB port within a removable aluminum shroud, new life is breathed into the somewhat weak (tactically speaking) micro USB that graces almost all cell phones and other rechargeable hardware these days.

    I have a whole barn full of light choices, but my stable has never had a light this small with this much power. Nobody’s has until now. So expand your lighting horizons and smile like you’ve see a Ghost.

    Five stars all the way!

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