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Conversation Starters for Gear Nuts … If Things Get Awkward During The Holidays


The holidays are a time for family, good food, and uncomfortable questions around the dinner table. With multiple personalities in the room, conversations can turn south pretty quickly, resulting in an argument. Therefore, we have compiled a list of possible conversation starters for you gear nuts out there who are just trying to blend in and avoid any and all confrontation.

Here are some conversation starters if things get awkward this year at Thanksgiving:

  • Does anybody carry an EDC?
  • Do I need a muzzle break if I want to shoot out at 1000 yards?
  • How big of a blade makes the best utility carry knife?
  • What scope do you have on your whitetail hunting rifle?
  • How many lumens are in the flashlight that’s in your car?
  • What type of toolbox are you getting your son who is about to start driving?
  • What’s your favorite forum for tips on improving a grouping?
  • Have you seen Factor Equipment’s stocking stuffer bundle?
  • What is your go-to knife for any situation?
  • What is your favorite camo pattern?
  • Which shell bag do you use?
  • Do you prefer 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 Win?
  • What are your thoughts on trekking poles while hunting?
  • How do you practice for home defense situations?
  • How did you figure out which tactical backpack would best fit your lifestyle?
  • What’s your favorite money clip?
  • Do you like battery-operated flashlights or flashlights that are USB rechargeable?
  • What’s your favorite multitool?
  • Are your home defense and concealed carry gun the same?
  • What is the one gear item you have to have in your hunting bag even though it’s heavy?
  • What budget gun would you consider buying for long range shooting?
  • Have you seen Hickok45’s Killing Pumpkin Method videos?
  • What gear do you have in your car in case you get a flat tire at night?
  • What’s your favorite softshell jacket for concealed carry?
  • Do you prefer a pocket knife or a fixed blade?
  • Would you ever consider custom cerakoting for your concealed carry?
  • Do you like pen flashlights or compact design flashlights more?
  • What are your thoughts on Gore-Tex?
  • How many sizes bigger do you buy hunting boots?
  • What tool on a multitool can you not live without?
  • How do you clean your firearms?
  • Do you prefer bolt action or lever action?
  • What are your favorite polarized sunglasses for sight fishing?
  • What’s your favorite waterproof phone case?
  • Have you seen Factor Equipment’s hunting bundle?
  • What’s your favorite holster for your concealed carry?
  • Which do you prefer: fly rods, spinning reels, or baitcasters?
  • Which bird bag do you use while dove or quail hunting?
  • What’s your process for sighting in a scope on a rifle?
  • Do you use any gloves while fly fishing?
  • What is your favorite AR mod?
  • How much does plate thickness matter?
  • Which ballistic tip does your rifle prefer?
  • Do you prefer a money clip or a wallet?
  • What’s the best military backpack that’s a small size?
  • How many pounds of trigger pull is the right amount of weight on a concealed carry firearm?
  • What is the best rangefinder on the market?
  • Do you carry a knife while scuba diving?
  • How do you carry water while backpacking or hunting?


We hope that these conversation starters help you defuse any uncomfortable conversations that you might have with friends or family members during the 2017 holiday season. Have a very Merry Christmas, gear nuts!

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