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Five Reasons to Always Carry a Flashlight

Factor 1000 am run and light test

The right flashlight not only illuminates the darkness, it improves your performance.

If you have a job where you actually get dirty for a living, odds are that you do a good portion of your work in limited visibility. You know how critical it is to have the right tool for the job and for that tool to be bomb-proof reliable and durable.  Accurate visibility and situational awareness are crucial to the job, so why do so many people skimp when it comes to buying the right flashlight to fit all the situations they encounter every day? Read these five reasons to always carry a flashlight and consider if you have the right tool for your job.

1. Your Phone is not a Flashlight it is a Phone

If you need to make a call, grab your phone. If you need to write a ticket or assess a patient at night, grab a flashlight. The primary purpose of your phone is for communication not as a light source. The light on the phone will not give you the directed beam of light with the versatility and reliability of a high-quality flashlight. You need a flashlight with the right amount of power for the job and one that has all-weather reliability. Your phone’s battery will fade quickly and wilt in wet and cold weather while the right flashlight will keep you in the game.

2. In an Emergency the Right Tool is Everything

When responding to an emergency your equipment has to work the first time and every time. Never is this more critical than in low-light situations. You can’t risk missing something in the shadows and you can’t lose precious time looking for another light or batteries. Choose a flashlight that is waterproof and USB rechargeable if possible. In addition, a flashlight that also has a strobe feature is ideal in emergency response situations for marking locations or alerting others to danger.


Flashlight with Spare Tire

Make sure your flashlight has the beam power to illuminate the shadows and give you the situational advantage.


3. The Right Tool for the Job

The right tool just doesn’t make your job easier, it improves your performance. This is true for flashlights as well. Think about all the ways you use your light. You need to be able to clip your light inside of your bunker pants, tactical gear, or utility belt and have it ready when you need it without looking for it. You also need your light to fit into your work pockets and have the ability to carry a smaller back-up or additional light for when your job calls for multiple flashlights. It is also important for your light to have a variety of illumination modes to adjust to the different situations you face every day on the job. Lastly, like you, your light has to be indestructible and work in the most demand situations.


Factor Cossatot fam

Your flashlight should provide multiple modes of illumination and be flexible enough to carry in a variety of tactical configurations.


4. Security – Illuminate the Darkness

There is no need to fear the darkness. The right flashlight will give you peace of mind and real security. For your personal security think about a light that can easily fit into a pocket or be attached to a key chain. If you keep your security flashlight in a purse, a clip is a nice feature so you can find it fast when you need it. You want a flashlight that has the sufficient beam length to illuminate the darkness well ahead of you to give you ample time to respond to possible danger. Also, consider features like an emergency strobe to draw attention to a possible assailant or signal the need for assistance.

5. Outdoor Adventure

When adventuring far from the beaten path the most important features for a flashlight are durability and reliability. The last thing you want is for your light to break after you accidentally drop it on a boulder. You also need it to work without fail when you have to stop and fix a crampon on a glacier in the middle of the night in a snowstorm. Because of the inherent danger and possibility of bodily harm when things going wrong on the trail, make sure your light is bomb-proof. Also make sure your light is fully waterproof to survive and remain functional on those soggy trips or when accidentally dropped into your water source. Compact size is another important feature. When hiking or climbing space and weight are at a premium, finding a flashlight with all the characteristics you need in a compact size is critical. And just in case things do go wrong…a strobe is always nice to have in a pinch.

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  1. Justin Barnes

    So far I am really liking what I see from Factor. I like that you have a rep who is involved on CPF and that your marketing is no BS and straight to the point. No frivolous claims, or marketing the light like it is a super hero, just honest points. Keep up the good work and remember to take suggestions into consideration, they will help you stay competitive in the flashlight market.

  2. Monica Chavez

    My husband is about to go on a long camping trip this weekend with a few of his buddies, and he’s worried that they might get lost at night when they go out hiking. I love how you point out that the right flashlight will give you peace of mind and real security by illuminating the darkness. It would be really beneficial if he could take a nice, new flashlight with him on his trip to give him the peace of mind that he needs.

  3. Derek McDoogle

    My dad loves to go out at night to walk. I like how you said that your cellphone is not a flashlight. Thanks for sharing this article, I will tell my dad to carry a flashlight when he goes out to walk at night in case he needs it.

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